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Why choose the bank mortgage loan simulator?

A mortgage loan simulator gives the first indication of your real estate project. The first pledge of viability, even if the elements obtained cannot constitute a sufficient basis to abandon a purchase, taking into account the natural limits of these calculators. Although, on the Good Credit site, you can take advantage of a tool that manages to erase some of these imperfections. Explanations!

A reliable calculation, based on the barometer of real estate rates


Month after month, even sometimes, week after week, real estate professionals, like Good Credit, carry out a barometer, to highlight the interest rates currently practiced in France. A particularly decisive table, which qualifies the seriousness of its editor, whether it is a network or an independent.

Based on actual data, this barometer is extremely reliable: it allows the borrower to better assess the situation, in the current banking context. For example, by looking at / comparing multiple barometers, he can figure out what is a great rate or what is a pretty good rate.

By communicating in this way on these figures, the professionals clearly set out what they can obtain, which undoubtedly constitutes an additional selling point (even if these rates remain average rates, expressed excluding insurance and obtained for a favorable case). And above all an obvious interest, for the borrower, to favor the mortgage simulator of a broker.

A finer geographic segmentation, specific to Good Credit!


Unlike the mortgage loan simulators available on the site of banking establishments, the Good Credit tools reflect a rate in the coveted region. This is the strength of our network since the rates vary from one region to another!

If the most serious simulators can integrate geographic data, their breakdown is often much wider: West, East, North, South, Paris IDF. At Good Credit, our tools take into account a finer segmentation, likely to offer more precise results.

Note that you can also consult the various satellite sites (namely the sites of each broker in the Good Credit network) to find out the rates obtained by the professional. A percentage that he constantly updates, reflecting the fruit of his negotiations and the banking situation in his region.

For example, the Good Finance site, in the Perpignan sector, offered rates starting at 1.19% over 20 years (posted on March 18, 2019).

Why does the intervention of a broker complete the simulation?

Why does the intervention of a broker complete the simulation?

If our tools can make it possible to “mark out” your real estate project financially, the assistance of a broker will allow you to refine it : even if the Good Credit calculators are relevant, they cannot replace the look of a professional, who will assess, from the first meeting, the influence of your profile on the financing plan – what no computer program can do.

In general, these tools can give you a general financial approach to your real estate project, but the broker will offer you personalized support. Beyond the simple rate and region criterion, his expertise will create the optimal package and his negotiating skills, the most relevant insurance conditions.


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